New England's largest appliance recycling warehouse

Refrigerators, Freezers & Stoves Bulk Pricing

Pricing – Container and Truck Loads

Due to our low prices, freight and shipping costs are not included. A loading fee of $100 is applied to all orders.


Stand Up: $55/per unit


3-Door (French Door) Non-Stainless Steel: $85/per unit

3-Door (French Door) Stainless Steel: $125-$200/per unit

Side-by-Side Non-Stainless Steel: $55/per unit

Side-by-Side Stainless Steel: $95/per unit

Top-Mount Non-Stainless Steel: $55/per unit

Top-Mount Stainless Steel: $85/per unit

Bottom-Mount Non-Stainless: $55/per unit

Bottom-Mount Stainless Steel: $95/per unit

Stoves and Ranges

Non-Stainless Steel Gas: $60/per unit

Non-Stainless Steel Electric Coil Top: $55/per unit

Non-Stainless Steel Electric Glass Top: $55/per unit

Stainless Steel Gas: $100/per unit

Stainless Steel Electric: $100/per unit