New England's largest appliance recycling warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum quantity you sell?

The smallest wholesale order is for 20 units or more. For any orders less than 40 units, the buyer must arrange for pickup. For orders in excess of 50 units, we will provide freight quotes.

Do you deliver?

Although we do not deliver, we will work with you to find the most cost effective method to get you your purchase. Small purchases can be picked up at our location. We have vetted a number of brokers we work with that can freight throughout the country. Most shipments are provided in 53 foot trailers or containers. If you need a shipping quote, we can gladly provide this for you.

Are all of these appliances in running condition?

All of our appliances are offered “AS IS”, which means they have not undergone inspection as to their working condition. That having been said, many of the units are in working order, while some will require minor re-conditioning.

What payment options do you offer?

Money transfer (wire) or payment directly into the account of Danny’s Appliance Recycling is accepted. Container or trailer orders will not be loaded until full payment is confirmed.

What is the quantity per trailer-load?

The actual number of units per trailer will depend on the type of appliances. A standard 53 foot trailer with an assortment of product will typically consist of approximately 125 units.

What is the typical percentage of running units per shipment?

Due to the fact that all units are sold “AS IS”, it is difficult be exact. However, our experience, as well as input from our customers, show that approximately 50% of the items are in working order. The remaining units, again, typically, are fixable about 85% of the time. This results in a working, or fixable average exceeding 90%.