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Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Wholesale Appliances

Learn more about what we do with bulk appliances and how we do it!

  • If you run a used appliance store, a liquidation business, or are a reseller of appliances, you should be doing business with Danny’s Appliance. We sell bulk appliances for the lowest prices on the market. We offer package pricing and shipping worldwide. We have a 150,000 square foot facility packed with appliances ready to be sold. Danny’s Appliance has the inventory you need at the prices you want.
  • The smallest wholesale order we offer is 20 units.
  • We will work with you to find the most cost-effective method of shipping. Small purchases can be picked up at our location in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. We have established numerous relationships with very reliable brokers that can freight throughout the country.
  • All of our appliances are offered “as is”. This means they are untested and have not gone through inspection by our team. Many of the units are in working order while some may need minor re-conditioning or repair.
  • Account deposit or wire-transfer to Danny’s Appliance is the accepted form of payment. Once the payment has been received containers will be loaded and shipped.
  • This will depend on the size and type of the appliances your company is purchasing. A standard 53-foot trailer with an assortment of units will typically fit approximately 125 units.
  • On average 90% of the shipment will be in working or fixable condition. Through our experience and feedback from our customers, approximately 50% of the items are in full working order. The remaining units are fixable about 85% of the time.

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